SEO and Google Search

September 15, 2012    blog google search seo school


After finally getting my website uploaded I realized that it was no where to be found on Google search. Achieving a high rank on a search engine like Google is very important because that is how people find you. Search engines are also known as the best source for traffic because everyone uses it.

So to get on Google search I registered for Webmasters Tools and Analytics which requires you to put an XML sitemap and a script of code into your website so that you can appear on Google’s index in order to get searched. In addition, I used SEO plugins in order to input more keywords into my website.

However in order to achieve a high rank on Google search you must have the correct keywords on your website and inside your meta-data. For example, if I wanted a high search ranking for my name I would put my name inside the title, meta-data, meta-description, and also inside my content.