Little Things are Merely the Cause of Great Problems?

November 17, 2012    jQuery web development weekly blog school

Have you ever had that little error that messed up your whole project? Back in programming, I remember when I used to miss variable names and the program would not run. However, Java would tell you exactly where the error is. This week I was working on my second assignment for Digital Design, which requires me to code my mock-up website from assignment 1 into html/css. I made the mistake of putting a pretty looking slider in the mock-up because I did not know this assignment was coming… So for the website I had to use a jQuery slider plugin for my slider. It was my first time using a jQuery plugin so I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up having a problem with the navigation arrows not showing up. At first, I thought it was most likely the referencing to the arrow pictures. In the provided CSS file it was:

background: url(images/right-arrow.png); 

The Problem

This seemed correct to me. I actually spent hours trying to google this problem, searching things like jQuery slider arrows not showing and jQuery navigation problem. After hours of googling, I finally found an example of the jQuery slider except the person used ../images/right-arrow.png. I remember from my old Unix class that .. is the parent directory, and I realized that the css file was in a separate folder called css. This means that the reference images/right-arrow.png refers to the currect directory where there is no images folder. So using ../images would correctly reference the navigation arrows.